We Appreciate


Glow Studio is honoured to promote Canon NZ for their support in our travels around the globe. Canon quality is exceptional and we LOVE traveling the world with your camera gear, we couldn’t do without it! Follow our Travel Blog to keep up to date on our adventures with Canon camera equipment.

Earth Sea Sky

We are sponsored by Earth Sea Sky as we travel around the globe. Thank you for partnering with us on this adventure. It is an honour to represent you as we travel; we absolutely LOVE your outdoor adventure clothing. Your quality is second to none. Follow our Travel Blog to see us in action.

Peach House Productions

Peach House Productions produces cinematography like no other. You won’t know what beauty in cinema is until you have had a Peach House experience. Get in touch with Nikki; she will put a smile on your dial and a skip in your step. Enjoy our Glow Movie to see some of their beautiful work.

A good website needs a lovely balance of patience, communication, understanding, communication, late nights, communication, good design, communication, lots of coffee, and good function & engineering. Mike provided all of the above and more. It has been an honour and privilege to work with you on this project, thank you for making our ideas a reality.