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Making friends, Hawaiian Style

We love people, I'm sure we've said that once or twice before. We love placing value upon every individual we meet and truly enjoy learning from diff....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 14 December 2011

Chicagoan Questions, "Is New Zealand near Switzerland"?

Oh Chicago! You have captured our hearts. This amazing place is the third-most populous city in the United States. Chicago (aka "The Windy City") i....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 13 February 2012

No more BBQ's and Jandals on Christmas?

After a whirlwind time in the Big Apple and Chicago, we were eagerly awaiting an American Christmas with the Gunninks and Fairbrother families. It wo....

by Brett Grobler | 29 February 2012

Two and a Half Thousand Miles

Shower in a bottle, soup by headlamp, complimentary backpacker showers, cliff hugging adventure driving, cheap tacky Vegas hotels, Mormon underwear, M....

by Brett & Susan | 17 March 2012

COLO-RIDE-O... A Season of Adventure

This was a season where we learnt many things; many things about love, life, faith and trust in God, friends, family and adventure. Lifelong friends ....

by Brett & Susan | 28 June 2012

T O R N . . . & . . . B R O K E N

Friday 9th March was a special day. It is a day we will never forget; a day where I learnt a precious lesson – A concoction of late nights working,....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 30 June 2012

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