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We love... Earth Sea Sky

New Zealand born and bred, Earth Sea Sky design & make performance outdoor clothing. Made in New Zealand fo....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 9 December 2011

Launch of New Glow Website & Glow Movie

What an exciting day! It has finally come, after all the hard work, late nights, design and re-design, patient re-sizing of image files to now share ....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 19 December 2011

Sweet Message in a Bottle

Today we got the best mail ever... a tube arrived in our PO Box and ta-daah, a beautiful bottle came with a message inside... not to mentioned some lo....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 27 November 2011

GLOW STUDIO Adventure Continues!

Christchurch is home. We love our city and our heart is definitely there... however we have a confession. We love to travel. When Brett & I moved t....

by Susan Siu Grobler | 6 December 2011

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